Monday, June 4, 2012

Grandkids Are Worth It!

    Here's another poem by my Mom!                     
When families stayed close, get-togethers were no trouble,
But modern times force grandma to be a new kind of noble.
Life in the fast lane requires grandfolks to be mobile.
But grandkids are worth it!

If you haven't seen grandkids for many months,
If they're homesick for you, don't be a dunce.
Hop in your car, no matter the distance.
Natalie is worth it!

Don't sit around and whine for them, or pout.
It's just ridiculous for you to go without.
Once you're there, they'll meet you at the door with a shout!
And Jamie is worth it!

If the place where they live is very, very far,
Be thankful that someone invented the car.
Traveling, for grandparents, is now only par.
But Katherine is worth it!

If it's been so long you are going berserk,
Be grateful you no longer have to work.
Get a move on - a grandchild-fix is a wonderful perk.
Cara is certainly worth it!

If you miss your family even a little tad,
Don't mope around, increasingly sad.
Be glad these days it's not bad to gad.
And Scott is definitely worth it!

Your kids far away don't mean to deprive.
They figure you're up to a day or two drive.
You don't have to beg, or wheedle, or connive.
Because Andrew is worth it!

If you're feeling as bored as a stationary plant
And you MUST have a visit, and they obviously can't,
Hallelujah that modern grandparents gallivant!
You know Allison is worth it!

If your husband tells you you are losing your grip,
I'd advise a long journey at double-time clip.
What you need is a grandbaby-withdrawal trip.
Titus is totally worth it!

If you're suddenly informed there will be a new baby,
You'd better get moving, wherever they may be.
Go see 'em right now! And I don't mean maybe!
Baby Reeder is worth it!

If they've all gone so fast, you don't know which way they went,
And it won't be enough if a picture fax is sent,
Just don't drive so fast you get into an accident!
Jozef is worth it!

Lonesomeness is something you needn't reconcile.
Even though the trip may take quite a while,
They'll be cheering for you as you fly mile by mile.
Amos is worth it!

If you find yourself at some point nestless,
And your days and hours are exceedingly restless,
Drive on till their house just over the crest is.
Hannah is worth it!

If your days drag on in silent desperation,
Think of the kids - there's no better motivation.
Get packed and press on to your eastern destination.
Nicole is worth it!

If you just have to hug and squeeze your little pixie,
Your children won't have the heart to say nix, see?
A visit is great medicine, and I ain't whistlin' Dixie!
Scott is worth it!

If the pictures galore are just not enough comfort,
And you or they need a childlike cavort,
Get your husband and fly, walk, drive, or transport.
Michelle is worth it!

If your spouse is becoming morbidly terse,
Or you're thinking the quietness can't possibly be worse,
Then the miles between kids and you, you must quickly traverse.
Sarah is worth it!

Even if they're busy, it's all right to inquisite.
It's not as if you're asking the moon, is it?
Please, please, please may we come for a visit?
And Andy is worth it!

Wherever your kids and grandkids call home,
Whether you must drive to Tallahassee or Nome,
Grab your toothbrush, coffee cup, and comb,
And take off! Grannies today have to roam!
And family is worth it!

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