Friday, June 1, 2012

The Real Story of Cincinnati Chili, Part 3

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If one installment is all you can stand at a time, read on...  Hannistina was just screaming to herself....

"My lovely dinner is ruined! Oh what shall I do?".

The answer was obvious.  This was not the first time she had been in this sort of dilemma.  Her salvation was just across the street at Dudley BonMuffin's Bakery and Catering.  She squelched a pang of guilt as she stuffed three pieces of Great Grandmother's heirloom Le Creuset bakeware into a large canvas tote bag.  "Just once more and never again." she firmly resolved.

A small bell jingled as Hannistina entered the bakery.  Dudley BonMuffin looked up as he drizzled chocolate sauce over a fresh batch of profiteroles.  His pulse quickened.

"Can I help you Miss Hershey?"  His greeting was anything but rote.  There was a tender eagerness that washed over her unnoticed.  If she had taken a careful look at Dudley, she might have noticed what tender, sensitive eyes were set in his plump, bald head.    But she was always in a hurry.  Always in a predicament.  This fact did not bother Dudley.  She was his damsel in distress.  Fixing her culinary nightmares was the stuff of his finest dreams.

Yes, that is Dudley there on the left, sitting forlornly.  <<sigh>>

She chose zucchini vichyssoise to start.  Dudley ladled it into one of the dishes.  Next the entree: roast duck with haricots verts.  He placed the duck quite carefully so no one would ever guess that it had not been there to start with, then he arranged the haricots verts all around.  A perfect light dinner so there would be plenty of room for dessert.  Dudley's specialty was tiramisu.  He offered Hannistina a full chilled bowl from the walk-in.  Of course she could take his glass dish home.  Of course she could use some of his insulated carrying cases for the hot dishes.

"Miss Hershey, I would be honored to escort you home."

"That's not necessary, but thank you, Mr. BonMuffin." she said cooly.  She glanced down at him briefly and noticed only that he was nearly a foot shorter than herself.  Alas!  She noticed nothing of his noble heart!  The bell jingled and all too soon she was gone.  Dudley heaved a heavy sigh.

To be continued...try not to bite your fingernails clear off in your anticipation!

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