Monday, December 12, 2011

Play Time

The soldiers stiffly circled the flagpole, halting to attention around the American flag.  They stood in silence until the large-headed Captain began, "Ready, men?  Attention, Salute, Pledge...."  They all pledged allegiance in their manly voices.

The Captain continued, "Now, we're going to sing."  He then began a very manly rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner".  The soldiers joined in with dignified gusto.  In their patriotic fervor, they began to clap and yell, "Go Blue!".  Then, it was time for the action to begin.

The men left the camp site for the vastly carpeted terrain below.

"Line up, men!"  the Captain bellowed.

They immediately obeyed, ordering themselves into ranks.  The jeeps and tanks joined them as well, bringing up the rear, slightly behind where the action would soon take place.  The sound of engines roared in the distance as the evil cars began to approach.  They rounded the corner and proceeded to the carpeted terrain, revving their engines to jeer the alert soldiers.  The soldiers stood still for a moment, waiting for the go-ahead from their Captain.

Suddenly, the wicked blue car screeched into the ranks of soldiers, burning rubber all the way.  The Captain yelled at the soldiers, shouting at them to fight back.  The soldiers pulled out their guns, bazookas, and bayonets.  Manful grunts and artillery screamed through the air.  The tanks chugged around and opened fire on the line of villain cars.  The cars began to panic and were about to make their escape when the soldiers broke their ranks and began to jump on top of them.  The air whistled with the brutal sounds of hand to hand combat as the soldiers unleashed their fury on the enemy cars.

Suddenly, an enormous white horse with rainbow colored hair entered the scene with none other than Buzz Lightyear on her back.  The zealous space knight charged into the fray, clobbering the combatant cars with his space laser.  Sparks flew through the air on his right side, then his left.  Buzz turned his white stallion and had come face to face with the evil blue car.  Their eyes locked in a daring game of chess.  The blue car suddenly began to spin his wheels, then sped toward Buzz, leaving tracks in the carpeted terrain behind him.  Buzz's stallion whinnied ferociously, then charged toward the dangerous car.  They were getting closer and closer...

"Hi Buzz.  Are you ready to get married?" came the ill-timed comment from the festooned, bridal Barbie.

"Cara!!!!!" yelled the Captain.


  1. Tje creativity of children is amazing! I love playing with my kids and seeing the world through their eyes. It such a magical, wonderful place. I guess it's true we become a bit hardened with age and experience.

    Way to go Barbie! Get your man Buzz!

  2. Oh, I love it! It reminds me of my kids... Princess dolls invade Thomas the Train land all the time here.