Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Little Old Man Thoughts On Laura Ingalls Wilder

We have just finished reading the book Little House in the Big Woods aloud at lunch time.  Our usual routine includes me reading a chapter or so as the kids are finishing up their lunches.  (It's a nice, calming influence at a somewhat tired time of day).

Cara has had plenty to say throughout the book, as any of you who know her would have probably guessed.  Every remark about hair or dresses or how much they love Pa brought forth a gush of excitement from my little girl.  Allie would usually grunt her agreement between mouthfuls thus, "Dash da ma ma nash na nee!"  Interesting.

My little old man, however, has remained eerily mute through the entire book.  He was listening I could tell, but he said nothing...until this week.  We had finally made it to the second to last page in the book.  Ma was making a large meal for the field workers.  Just as Laura Ingalls Wilder described all the food they had prepared being put onto the table, Scott had some input.

He put down his sandwich and blurted out in excitement, "Wow, Mom!  That sounds really good!"

Leave it to Scott to think with his stomach...even in a book review!

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