Friday, December 2, 2011

Lines on Being a Landlord

(This is a poem for my parents...both landlords in their own right...this is what I've learned about it!)

In Apartment one, they're drunk all day
In Apartment two, they're drunk all night.
They're not so bad in Apartment three,
In Apartment four, they always fight.

The police came out to Apartment five,
A weird smell comes from Apartment six
Apartment seven is really clever
At not-paying-my-rent type tricks.

There's ten people living in Apartment eight,
Ten animals in Apartment nine,
They run and scatter when I show up
because they have to pay a fine.

Apartment ten is the best of all
For they've torn large holes in all the floors.
Silly owner, don't you know
That every piece of fault is yours?

I work a lot, without much pay,
I replace the floor in Apartment ten.
I think I'd like to sell this place,
But not right now...I don't know when.


  1. This is so cute! My inlaws would like it - they own some apartment buildings.

    Thanks for your comment today on my guest post at Laugh With Us Blog :-)

  2. Oh wow! This is one thing I hope I never have to deal with! That never word always comes back to haunt me though! :)