Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Ode to Scott, My Little Old Man

Is there anything in this world so sweet
As fat, squishy baby feet?

Little, pink, chubby, round
To match his little newborn sound.

Amazing as it seems to me,
Growing they seem to be!

Yet these sweet feet I love so well,
Will very soon start to smell.

Oh, small boy feet, I love your toes
As long as I can hold my nose.

Young man feet I'll be happy to see
Located across the room from me.

College man feet I'll never scoff,
If ne'er you take your big shoes off.

But I'll never love your feet so much
As the small feet now that I touch.


  1. I will never forget the moment that I realized my little Joey's feet were losing that baby softness. Whenever I look at an infant's silky- soft, tiny feet, I think of all the miles they have yet to travel. How I treasure those little piggies!

    Love the new background!