Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From the Mom of Girls

You know, I never thought of myself as someone who would have a whole flock of girl babies running around.  I grew up with three brothers in a not-so prissy farm-type atmosphere, so imagine my surprise when I found out that we would have another girl in September!  I've decided to embrace the giggly, hairstyling, chocolate-loving, nail painting aspect of my mothering with gusto.  In fact, Cara recently had her first sleepover, complete with giggling, beading, dressing up, and Barbie movies.  (Minus the presence of the manly contingent of our family.)

All this rambling is completely beside the point, actually.  On to today's review...

I'm sure you recognize this ultra famous, many times over printed Renoir.  It's called "Two Young Girls At The Piano".  I have to say, I've always liked this painting...its color and innocence.  It has taken on a new meaning to me recently, though, when I think about what my household will be like in a few short years.  Soon I'll have a whole troop of sweet girlies playing piano and singing together, and what a joy that will be!  I hope the girls continue to have a sweet, sisterly affection for each other through the teen and adult years.

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  1. This picture is beautiful. I'll admit, I've never seen it. Thanks for sharing it.