Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Trip to Nana's...

Scott will be leaving tomorrow on his vacation to Nana's house.  He's been packed for hours.  The packing list includes 147 cars (yes, he counted them all twice to be sure), 10 army men, then after I suggested he pack some clothes he added  three pairs of underwear.  What else could a young man need for five days?  So different from the girls!


  1. 147 cars - what else COULD one possibly need after that!!!! lol

  2. My youngest just came back from "Grammie Camp" on Friday. So much fun! I hope your little man enjoys his time away. I'm glad he chose to pack the underwear:-)

  3. That reminds me of when we were about to depart on our vacation to Yellowstone in the camper. It is the first time I remember packing my own suitcase. I knew we would be gone for a long time so I packed everything from my top drawer and then left on my merry way. I remember freezing because all I had was an odd assortment of shorts and Tshirts and it was really cold up there. I also didn't have any shoes and I remember someone telling me (maybe Pa, maybe Scott) that it would be ok as long as no bears tried to eat me. It would be hard to run away from them barefoot.