Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Okay, we made it through the holiday rush!  Even though the Christmas season is merry and lovely, we're very ready to settle into the cold winter doldrums.  Even the weather participated by giving us our first snow...of course, that was rather not lovely for our poor relatives trying to get home on the sheets of ice they call roads in Tennessee and Kentucky, but here it's only rather pretty.

I was planning on starting school again today...really I was.  However...I have learned something during my first few months of schooling.  Once school starts, I can kiss any big jobs goodbye for awhile.  So, I consider it very important to tackle the piles of rubble all over the house and actually clean out the kitchen and bathroom really well.  Once school starts, it'll be just keeping my head above water housework-wise anyway.

Of course, the children began to weep softly when I told them.  They begged, "Mom, we were really counting on being able to put the new toys away and get back to learning something each day!".

Not really.

In fact, it sounded like the ball just dropped when I told them.  Jumping, screaming...if they'd had confetti, it would have been flying, too.  They don't know yet that they have to clean their room today...even under the beds!  (Cue devious music).

The break has been lovely, but getting things back to normal is also lovely!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday break.  Now let's raise our glass to the return of the routine...really, I still have some sparkling grape juice to use up.  C'mon kids!  Special juice for breakfast!


  1. Good thing they didn't have any confetti, otherwise you'd be cleaning that up too!! Happy New Year to you, Hannah:-) Hey, how much snow did you get? I heard that Michigan had 15 inches. We just have enough snow to make it lovely here in PA.

  2. Just enough to be lovely here, too, but I guess as it was coming down the sun melted it just enough to make it treacherous last night. All's well that ends well, though!

  3. Love your new background and header - beautiful!

    We're getting back into routine. Hard to do (cheerfully), but oh, so important.

    I can't wait to get back into the routine of blogging again, I've really missed it, but the break has been great for me.