Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Christmas Miracle

Christmas is always a time of reflection for us, well, probably for everyone.  It's amazing to look back on all the things that have happened in the past year, and anticipate what could possibly match it in the year to come...or if you're a parent, stand in awe of how fast an entire year just vanished.  This year has gone incredibly fast.  Our 'baby' is already 18 months, which is so sad and unbelievable!  It's been a difficult year for us in many ways.  We've had a lot of big decisions to start thinking of them being my husband's back surgery.

He has a broken back and is in need of a very serious and difficult surgery.  We made the decision to pay the extra to go with a competent surgeon, instead of having the surgery done immediately and pay very little with the HMO allowed surgeon.  It's been a rough seven months or so of waiting and saving, but we're finally coming into the new year when we can schedule the surgery.  Hooray!

The finances of the thing are not something we're celebrating.  We're hoping for the surgery to cost around $5,000 with enormous amount of money considering my husband's salary.

We haven't really told people about our finances...we do have the savings to cover it, but it'll hurt.  God chose this year to show His love to us in a very tangible way...through money.  Let me just say, we almost never get money for Christmas...certainly not large amounts of money, but through several different sources, He's given us around $1,000 toward the surgery!  God didn't have to do that for us!  It has meant so much to's not even the money in and of's the fact that He chose now to show that He cares and will take care of us.  


  1. God is good. All the time, God is good.

  2. God is surely good. I hope the surgery is successful.