Thursday, March 20, 2014

What a Girl Really Wants

It's been a pretty long day here.  We skidaddled fairly early in order to take our ITBS practice tests with a friend, only to return to the school day we had missed.  Before I knew what happened, it was late afternoon and the big kids were off to do more interesting things.  It caught my attention to hear Allie talking rather excitedly from the next room over.

With Scott and Cara playing outside and Meg snoozing in her boudoir, I peered into the living room to investigate what exactly Allie was doing.  She sat perched on top of the couch, curtains pulled around each side of her chubbiness, gesturing and pointing during her chat.  I watched a little, amused by her conversation with her unknown friend.

"Den we can go outside and pway together.  It will be so much fun today!" she said from the drapery.

I interrupted, "I'm glad you want to play, Allie.  We will have a fun day today, won't we?".

She turned to look at me with a grave expression.  Apparently I was not the friend she had in mind for this thrilling afternoon.  She told me kindly that she wasn't talking to me, then settled back into her perch to continue.

A big sigh, "Daddy, you're my best fwiend.  When you get home soon, den we can go pway some more, okay?".  She then told him about all she did today before climbing down to amuse herself.

All a girl really wants on a sunny afternoon is her best friend, her daddy, home to share the day with her.