Monday, April 15, 2013

Draw Your Own Conclusions...

This is a true story.  A few days ago, Scott and I were chatting in the kitchen.  The girls were all asleep, and we had just walked the dog together.  It's kind of a rarity in our household to have one on one time, so I was enjoying hearing all about his dream of the previous night and his super funny, three stooges-esque jokes.  As I filled up Oscar's bowl with dog food, Scott paused, then noted, "I don't know how doggies can like to eat that food, Mom".

"Really?  Why is that?" I asked, not yet alarmed.

Brace yourself...

He answered, "It looks and smells really good, but it tastes terrible."

Say it isn't so!

My shocked expression must have communicated my suspicions.  His reddening face and shifty eyes didn't calm them.

I'm not exactly sure why I was surprised, considering some of his previous dietary adventures, but, there you have it.  It just goes to show, the little old man will eat most anything.


  1. Love it!!! LOL! Great picture, too!

  2. Oh, man. We're just waiting for Titus to try this one! "Draw your own conclusions"--we quote that line all the time at our house! Haha! So appropriate!