Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Paraphrase of Psalm 23

I've often found that when I really want to think through some writing, it's helpful for me to paraphrase.  I often keep my 'interpretations' of Scripture especially to read through at a later time.  I'm not claiming any special biblical's my rough paraphrase of a well-loved psalm.

Psalm 23

God is like my shepherd; I won't need anything else.

He plans for me to rest and gives me peaceful places to do so.

He refreshes my faith, shows me His will, and shows me how to do it.

Even when I face the terror and doubt of death, I know I won't be scared.  He stays by me always.  His closeness and even His corrections are calming to me somehow.

You God--when I face enemies, you make me have a celebration.  You show that I'm your chosen one just like David was.  I have more good things than I could ask for.

You will keep on providing and blessing me until I die, then I will be with you in heaven for eternity.

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  1. Hannah, this is so special. I want to paint it on my wall!!!!