Monday, April 2, 2012

A quote that made me feel like a dummy...

"Wow!  You're really striking out, Mom!"

<<sigh>>  This one was said to me the other day by my four-year-old, Scott.  We were playing the game's a memory/matching game...not pretty.  Did I mention that he beat me in all of the four rounds we played before slamming me with this comment.  'Beat me' is a nice way of putting it, too.  If I remember correctly, the trend was right around ten matches for him, two for me, but maybe my memory is a little foggy.  That's the whole problem...


  1. That's so cute. :) Funny how kids point things out with such "honesty"!

  2. Working in 2's&3's at church has really brought home just how honest children are. No filters have been installed!!